Power World (stock code: 870092) was established in 2004 as a national high-tech enterprise integrating air energy product research and development, manufacturing, production, marketing, and service. In 2016, he was successfully listed on the New Third Board 2016. He won the top ten leading brands in the air energy industry for 6 consecutive years. The first batch of “coal-to-electricity” clean energy heating projects have been entered in Beijing. The “coal -to -electricity” field has obtained industry benchmark models, laying the absolute leadership of Power World in the air source heat pump industry!

Power World, as the world’s leading air energy energy energy development and manufacturing expert, the main product: heat pump water heater, heat pump for house, heat pump for pool, commercial heat pump, high-temperature heat pump dryer, industrial high-temperature hot water, and other air source heat pump Unit; adhere to the spirit of craftsmen, make new products, and provide customers with high -quality air -energy heat pump products and intelligent clean energy heating solutions to continue to create value for customers.

Power World has a team of independent research and development experts and has the core technology of air energy heat pumps. So far, it has obtained more than 40 patents: smart dual -super (ultra-low temperature minus 30 ° C environment output ultra-high-temperature production heat 99 ° C technology), extended air can fully category Product line, ultra-low -temperature intelligent full DC frequency conversion technology, ultra -low-temperature EVI jet increase technology, dual-level compression and resolving technology. The core series of products include commercial thermal water units, air energy heating units, air energy industry high-temperature hot water units, air energy high-temperature drying units, etc., gathered a number of senior R & D experts in the air energy industry, and established the Power World heat pump technology research and development center.

In the industry is leading, brand companies, witnesses! With a professional R & D team, 4 independent product verification laboratories, independently invested in establishing 30,000 square meters of professional air energy industrial park, 8 flexible production lines, 240 horsepower laboratories, the annual production capacity of more than 100,000 air energy, service has been served and has served. 36 industry customers provide clean energy transformation project projects for more than 8,000 large enterprises. Power World is committed to developing the international market. At present, products have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions around the world, serving more than one-tenth of the world’s population, and have been praised by foreign industry engineering experts.


Special statement

Since 2006, Power World has adopted necessary legal measures to eliminate fakes and imitation Power World products in the Chinese market, stop the use of Power World trademark production store signboards or/and other interior decoration of the store, as well as other decoration of the store, as well as others Infringement with the reputation of Power World.


Trademark infringement

Trademark infringement refers to the use of trademarks with the same or similar trademarks in the same or similar commodity in the same or similar commodity, or other interference or obstructing trademark owners to use their registered trademarks to damage the legitimate rights and interests of the trademark owner in the same or similar commodity. Other behaviors. The actor’s sales know or know that it is a counterfeit registered trademark. The natural person or legal person who is infringed by the trademark right has the right to demand the infringer stop the infringement, eliminate the impact, and compensate for losses.
Types of trademark infringement
1. Without the permission of the trademark registrar, using the same trademark on the same product as its registered trademark;
2. Without the permission of the registrar of the trademark, the use of trademarks similar to its registered trademark on the same commodity, or using the same or similar trademark as its registered trademark on similar products, can easily lead to confusion;
3. Sales of goods that violate registered trademarks for the dedicated rights;
4. Forgery, make registered trademark logos for others or sell for falsifying and manufactured registered trademark signs;
5. Without the consent of the trademark registrar, replacing its registered trademark and putting the goods that replaced the trademark was put into the market;
6. It deliberately provides convenient conditions for infringing the special rights of other people’s trademarks and helping others to implement the special rights or trademarks;
7. Dedicated the exclusive right to the registered trademark for others;

The process of infringement of registered trademark rights
Responsibility for compensation is to bear the responsibility of compensation. The infringer usually needs to bear the responsibility of stopping the infringement. The actor who knows or should be infringed must also bear the responsibility of compensation. If the circumstances are serious, we must also bear criminal responsibility.


Network rights protection

Since 2011, Power World has continued to search and complain about the sales of fake Power World infringing shops on the mall.