When the country launched the policy of replacing traditional boilers with clean energy, Power World also joined the country’s energy-saving and emission-reduction projects. At present, our projects to replace traditional boilers with clean energy have spread all over the country, serving countless places and people send warmth.

About the Earth

About the Earth

Protecting the earth is of special significance to Power World. As the top ten leading brands of air source heat pumps, it actively responds to the call of the times and contributes to the circular development of the economy and the harmonious symbiosis of human beings.

About society

Power World advocates being responsible to all stakeholders of the enterprise and is committed to the sustainable development of society. Powerful provides customers with a full range of products and system solutions for clean heating, hot water, and drying. It has played an exemplary role in leading the development of China’s air source heat pump industry and produced good social, economic, and environmental benefits.

About energy saving

Power World pays attention to energy saving, and actively develops and utilizes energy-saving and environmental protection-related products. Power World has a professional team of experts, set up a heat pump research and development center and a product verification laboratory, and has won a number of independent research and development technology patents, which can provide customers with energy-saving and efficient air energy solutions.

About environmental protection

As a professional air source product manufacturer and comprehensive solution provider, Power World goes beyond the concept of taking profit as the only goal, and consciously undertakes the important mission of national rejuvenation, national prosperity, social harmony, and sustainable development.