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EVI Commercial Air Source Heat Pump

EVI DC Inverter Heat Pump For Heating Cooling&hot Water. Inverter heat pumps reduce cycling to keep your family more comfortable and to eliminate cold drafts. By minimizing energy lost during cycling, they also improve your home’s overall energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption. This not only helps keep your heating and cooling bills in check but also protects the environment from the effects of air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.


Commercial Air Source Heat Pump FeaturesEVI Commercial Air Source Heat Pump installation diagram

1. DC Inverter EVI Technology
With EVI inverter technology, it ensures the unit runs stably in the perfect performance at ambient temp. from -30℃ to 43℃ based on different requirements of heating/cooling/DHW.

2. For Commercial Application
With the capability of stably running under extremely cold climates, this series is an ideal option for daily hot water and house heating/cooling applied for holiday resorts, hospitals, hotels, apartment buildings, schools, etc. in super cold areas.

3. Strong Heating Performance

Adopting advanced DC Inverter compressor and EVI technology, Power World EVI inverter heat pumps have less capacity reduction in low-temperature heating, so their energy efficiency is greatly improved.
Compared to the general On/Off EVI air source heat pump, the overall heating capacity of the inverter EVI series is increased by about 20%, which ensures its low-temperature heating performance.


Product model PF-030DC PF-050DC/E PF-050DC/NE
Heating Heating Capacity  Range (kW) 7.4~15.9 11.7~23.5 11.7~23.5
Heating input  Range (kW) 1.5~3.9 2.4~6.4 2.4~6.4
current  Range  (A) 7.5~19.3 11.7~30.5 4.8~12.8
COP Range 3.69~4.9 3.67~4.88 3.67~4.88
Cooling Cooling capacity  Range (kW) 4.9~8.9 8.2~14.8 8.2~14.8
Cooling input power(kW) 1.5~3.7 2.5~6.0 2.5~6.0
current  Range  (A) 7.3~18.1 12.2~29.3 5.0~12.0
EER  Range 2.41~3.27 2.47~3.28 2.47~3.28
DHW Heating Capacity  Range (kW) 5.9~12.8 9.4~19.8 9.4~19.8
Heating input  Range (kW) 1.5~4.2 2.4~6.8 2.4~6.8
current  Range  (A) 7.3~19.7 12.1~32.8 4.8~13.6
COP Range 3.05~3.93 2.91~3.92 2.91~3.92
Refrigerant R410A
Power supply 230V/1Ph/50-60Hz 380V/3Ph/50-60Hz
Working  area -30~43℃
Water circulation (m³/H) 2.29 3.70 3.70
Water pressure drop (kPa) 25 30 30
IP Grade (Level of protection) IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
Anti-electric shock Rate I I I
Noise (dB(A)) ≤53 ≤58 ≤58
Net weight/Gross weight(kg) 140/150 170/180 170/180
Diameter of pipe (mm) DN25 DN25 DN25
Body size(W*D*H) (mm) 1076×480×800 1050×480×1330 1050×480×1330
Packing  size(W*D*H)(carton)(mm) 1160×530×940 1100×530×1470 1100×530×1470
Packing  size(W*D*H)(Polywood)(mm) 1180×530×940 1120×530×1470 1120×530×1470
Loading quantity (20GP/40GP/40HQ) 40/88/88 22/42/42 22/42/42
ErP Level (35°C) A++ A++ A++
ErP Level (55°C) A+ A+ A+
Compressor Brand Panasonic Mitsubishi Mitsubishi
Operating water temperature (℃) DHW 9~50℃
Operating water temperature (℃) heating 9~50℃
Operating water temperature (℃) cooling 7~35℃
Remark: Heating working condition: Inlet water temperature 30℃, Outlet water temperature 35℃, Dry bulb temperature 7℃, Wet bulb temperature6℃.
Cooling working condition:Inlet water temperature 12℃, Outlet water temperature 7℃, Dry bulb temperature 35℃, Wet bulb temperature 24℃.
DHW working condition: Inlet water temperature 15℃, Outlet water temperature 55℃, Dry bulb temperature 7℃, Wet bulb temperature 6℃.


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