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Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater

The series of heat pump water heaters is designed for residential/apartment sanitary hot water. Compared with the common air source heat pump, this kind of unit is a built-in circulation pump, for easier installation, and to reduce your cost.


Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater Features

1. Panasonic rotary compressor guarantees unit running stably

2. Compact design built-in water pump for indoor/outdoor flexible installation

3. Automatic defrosting technology with high qualified 4-way valve

4. High efficient tube in the shell heat exchanger

5. Intelligent EEV

6. LCD easy & clear controller display

7. R410a clean and environmentally friendly refrigerant

8. Max. water outlet temperature up to 60℃

9. Multiple protections

10. Strict noise control

11. Coated metal casing or SUS#304 stainless steel cabinet

Domestic Heat Pump Water Heater Installation DiagramDomestic Heat Pump Water Heater Inside Appearance


Product model PW010-KFXRS/IMT   200L PW015-KFXRS/IMT  200L/300L PW020-KFXRS/IMT    300L/400L/ 500L
Parameters Heating capacity (kW) 3.5 4.9 6.8
Input power (kW) 0.98 1.34 1.87
Rated current (A) 4.5 6.2 8.6
COP (Coefficient of Performance) 3.57 3.66 3.64
Rated outlet  water temperature (℃) 55 55 55
Max outlet water temperature(℃) 60 60 60
Production capacity (L/H) 75 105 146
water circulation (L/H) 602 843 1169
 Working  area -7~43℃
IP Grade (Level of protection) IPX4 IPX4 IPX4
Anti-electric shock Rate I I I
Noise (dB(A)) ≤50 ≤50 ≤50
Net weight/Gross weight(kg) 53/58 55/60 59/64
Diameter of pipe (mm) DN20 DN20 DN20
Standard Configuration Metel plate Galvanized steel/Spray/white
Body size(W*D*H) 820*320*520 960*350*550  960*350*550
Compressor Rotary type
Refrigerant R410a
Water pump inside Greenpro  / GPD
Power supply 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz 220V/50Hz
Condenser Efficient tank heat exchanger
Evaporator L-1/900*500/φ9.52 L-2/900*500/φ9.52 L-2/900*500/φ9.52
Four-way valve DSF-9 DSF-9 DSF-9
Expansion valve Capillary Tube
AC contactor Eaton (220V-18A) Eaton (220V-18A) Eaton (220V-18A)
Motor (with capacitance) 60W*1(2μf) 60W*1(2μf) 60W*1(2μf)
Fan φ400*1 φ400*1 φ400*1
Controller Single System(Motorola Chip) Single System(Motorola Chip) Single System(Motorola Chip)
Low-voltage switch 0.05/0.15MPa 0.05/0.15MPa 0.05/0.15MPa
High-voltage switch 2.4/3.0MPa 2.4/3.0MPa 2.4/3.0MPa
Power line connect with unit 3*1.5mm2 3*1.5mm2 3*1.5mm2
Package Wooden Package
Remark: working condition, Inlet water temperature 15℃, Outlet water temperature 55℃, Dry bulb temperature 20℃, Wet bulb temperature15℃.


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