Slaughter plant industrial high temperature hot water solution

Categories: Published On: April 20th, 2022
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Parameters for the design of hot water applications in the slaughter industry: slaughter and divided workshop according to the production process, the water, heat pipe should be provided separately. The hot water temperature for cleaning should not be less than 40 ° C, and the water temperature of the dipping pool should be adjusted according to the variety and season of the pig, and the adjustment range should be taken from 58 ° C to 63 ° C. The traditional process uses a boiler to make hot water, which has high energy consumption, and high use cost; the high-temperature heat pump technology system, simple operation is simple and stable, has a low operating cost, and ensures the normal operation of the production process.

The hot water flow of the high-temperature heat pump slaughter industry is as follows:

1) Air source heat pump is hot water: the air source heat pump passes through a large amount of low thermal energy in the air, and the compression of the compressor is transformed into a high thermal energy, transmitting the water tank to heat the water. Storage.

2) Water storage tank hydrating: hydrating is performed after the end of each day, controlled by a time controller, specifically hydrating time can be set, and changed; the float water level controller is provided in the water tank. After arriving at the hydrating conditions, the hydrating pump is automatically started; after the water, the hydrating pump is automatically stopped through the floating controller.

3) During the slaughtering process, due to the surface of the slaughter, the animal is refined, resulting in a decrease in the pool; adjusting the opening of the constant temperature valve during operation, so that the high-temperature water is continuously added to the slaughter, low-temperature water Exchanged from the overflow port. Relying on the continuous replenishment of hot water to maintain a constant temperature. It is the development of the traditional air conditioning technology, which has been developed, reliable, long service life; running safe and reliable, automatic manual operation, intelligent control.

Seven performance features of Power World air can high-temperature heat pump:

1. Ultra high water temperature; circulating heating water temperature is up to 80 ° C to meet the needs of most non-consumable process water.
2. Ultra-high energy efficiency; adopt the most advanced heat exchanger technology, with the bar wheel high-temperature commercial heat pump compressor, which can only be 1/2 to 1/3 of electric heating.
3. Safety and non-pollution; electric drive, no combustion, and explosion, without pollutant emissions, greatly improve the working environment.
4. Fully automatic temperature control; fully automatic precise temperature control at 1 ° C, improve the stability of the process flow.
5. Long life; use international advanced anti-corrosion technology to fully solve the problem of corrosion protection of the working environment.
6. One-stop service; to order energy-saving solutions according to customer needs, and provide professional system design, installation, and subsequent all-round services.
7. Save costs; Power World air source heat pump can save nearly 75% of the electric hot rod, which is more than 59% of the gas boiler, and saving 62% more than the fuel boiler, more than 30% of the boar water heater % Of energy use costs.

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