School hot water supply solution

Categories: Published On: April 19th, 2022
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School hot water engineering requirements:

1. Change the current situation of the traditional boiler heating equipment, electric heating equipment, solar heating equipment, and operating costs;
2. High energy utilization requirements, high environmental requirements, and need to minimize operation costs;
3. To be safe and reliable, the water temperature is stable, the fluctuation is small, and the control is simple.

School air energy hot water engineering features: Water supply location According to the school or factory requirements, concentration water supply (public bathroom) or water supply for each dormitory, waste is quite serious, the number of water is stable, the water time is concentrated, the construction safety requirements high.

Power World air source heat pump water heater engineering solution, you need to control the special water control port, such as an IC card, etc., avoiding the case where the water time after the water time is available, the design timing function is designed, and the water supply is required. There is a leakage protection system in all grades, minimizing the location where the person cannot touch or be isolated by the fence.

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