Residential community hot water solution

Categories: Published On: April 20th, 2022
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Residential area hot water engineering characteristics:

1. The per capita water is high;
2. The water supply is available 24 hours a day;
3. Use water users to be independent;
4. Villa users have much more water, and the construction area is large;
5. Comfortable villa system.

Power World air source hot water engineering solution; per capita designed water is 100 ~ 160L, such as a bathtub design is 200L / person ~ 300L / person. The hot water engineering uses a specialized large-capacity insulation water tank, which can store hot water required for 24 hours a day; high-quality insulation measures in the insulation tank can ensure that the hot water temperature in the entire water tank is not more than 5 ° C in 24 hours, effective Saute the warming hot water supply all day.

The solution can consider configuring household logarithm or using commercial models to concentrate on water supply, centralized water supply systems are used to unify the development of hot water systems before their households, while single users generally use the household machine to equip the water tank. Generally use commercial machine centralized water supply, some pool users will also specifically configure the corresponding unit to ensure thermostat of the pool. Hot water toll-warmers, hot water can be provided in the four seasons, and floor heating can be provided in winter.

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