Commercial swimming pool heating solution

Categories: Published On: April 20th, 2022
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The hot water engineering requirements of the commercial swimming pool heat pump unit, the hot water situation in the swimming pool, and the general water temperature control is around 28 degrees Celsius; the hot water system requires high energy efficiency, to meet the constant temperature demand of the swimming pool, and also meet the shower needs.

For the heat source equipment of the commercial swimming pool constant temperature system, the company recommends the use of the commercial swimming pool constant temperature series to ensure 24 hours a day, constant temperature hot water. Special materials can be used inside the unit, which can effectively solve the problem of fouling, corrosion, etc. of the unit heat exchanger. Provide healthy and comfortable hot water, and stable and suitable temperatures to ensure the comfort of the human body.

Power World heating commercial heat pump for pool titanium unit uses a titanium tube heat exchanger, from the corrosion resistance of superior corrosion resistance, can resist the erosion of fluoride ions in water. It has a high heat transfer coefficient and heat exchange effect, and it is also a high standard in pool equipment. Adopt US cavel high-efficiency flexible scroll compressor, the unit operates stable, high heating efficiency; has a sharp balance and oil balance design to ensure the stable operation of the unit; full intelligence control, display screen real color night light design, from advanced System design, intelligent refrigerant and lubrication control technology can effectively avoid deposition of oil, improve system reliability and operational efficiency, control system humanized design, convenient operation. The Daiwa air energy unit has a power-off automatic memory function. There is no need to reset it, it works as usual after calling.

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