High-end business office building heat pump heating solution

Categories: Published On: April 14th, 2022
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The office building and the business places need to have a warm and comfortable office environment in winter, so choosing a suitable clean environmentally friendly heating system is necessary.

1. Have a long time during work, there is no need to the heating unit, send Power World commercial heat pump, one-button setting, intelligent launching thermal pump heating unit, effective control of heating working hours, effectively reducing heating cost support.

2. Air source heat pump, one machine, winter heating, summer cooling, and all-year hot water supply, can also provide us with a variety of convenience.
3. 20 protection procedures with antifreeze, overload, phase loss, reverse phase, overpressure, under voltage, high temperature, water shortage, and probe failure.
4. There is an automatic defrosting function, a built-in adjustment procedure, adapt to different environments, and ensure that winter chemical cream is completely clean and guarantees the normal work of the unit.
5. Unique digital flow adjustment technology, automatically adjust traffic to the unit work stable and efficient depending on the ambient temperature, water temperature, and other data.
6. Self-contained control system, in addition to meeting its work control, the entire engineering system can be fully controlled, hydrating, water supply, multi-stage timing, auxiliary heat, power transmission automatic memory, etc.

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