Coal to Electricity air source heating unit solution

Categories: Published On: April 13th, 2022
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What is coal to electricity? In society, there are not only coal-to-electricity conversion and coal-to-gas conversion, etc. For coal-to-electricity conversion, it is only aimed at the heating problem, especially the heating problem of individual households. For the heating problem of ordinary households, the main energy source for heating is coal, which netizens do not ignore. And this electricity is also the normal mains electricity, but the equipment for heating is different. The previous heating equipment used coal as fuel. In terms of the current coal-to-electricity conversion, its heating equipment uses electricity instead of coal.

The coal-to-electric heating method is mainly to solve the air pollution caused by coal heating because coal will emit a large amount of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and other harmful substances in the process of burning, the most obvious is the winter heating season, walking in rural areas It smells of some soot. And the most obvious one is that haze weather occurs very frequently in winter, but after coal-to-electricity conversion, such fog and haze weather gradually decreases.

At the beginning of the promotion of this coal-to-electricity conversion, many people did not understand it. Nowadays, there are many rural or urban suburbs involving coal-to-electricity conversion, and everyone basically understands this equipment. The equipment involved in the conversion of coal to electricity is the air source heat pump. Its outdoor unit is very similar to the outdoor unit of the air conditioner, but it is larger than that of the air conditioner. The air source heat pump heats water and then circulates it to the radiator in the room to achieve a heating purpose. This is similar to a coal-fired boiler, except that the air source heat pump uses electricity and there is no air pollution. This is also the main purpose of converting coal to electricity.

The conversion of coal to electricity requires the complete replacement of the original coal-fired boiler, that is to say, an air source heat pump is used to replace the original coal-fired boiler so that the pollution in the heating process is reduced. To put it simply, coal-to-electricity is the replacement of heating equipment. The air source heat pump uses electricity to work, there is no pollution and it is very clean during use, which saves the work of filling coal and digging out the furnace ash every day. The working mode of the air source heat pump is an unattended mode. As long as the temperature is set, it can run stably by itself.

Air source heat pump for house one-piece electricity can output 3 parts heat or even 3.5 parts of heat, which has the advantages of heat and efficiency, energy-saving and power-saving, environmental safety, and the use conditions are the most widely used in “Coal to Electricity” Way.
Due to the long winter heating, the outdoor temperature is low, so it is necessary to overcome hot, energy-saving, ultra-low temperature, defrosting, etc., which is extremely testing the technical strength of the air source heat pump manufacturer.
Coal change electric heating 100-1000 square meters, you can achieve winter heating and hot water heating, summer refrigeration, and hot water supply. In different climates, the air source heat pump hosts of different power are recommended by the building structure.

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