Boiler cleaning energy heating renovation project

Categories: Published On: April 13th, 2022
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In the boiler renovation project, the air source heat pump unit can be used instead. At the same time heating a ton of water, energy efficiency is 2 times the coal-fired boiler, and the coal-fired boiler project is used in the production of clean environmentally-friendly energy air source heat pump unit replacement, air energy new combined transformation The plan, solves the problem of low combustion utilization, poor heating effect, high heating cost, and large pollution, and reducing the frequency of heating season by cleaning energy equipment.

In this heating process, the air energy heat pump will not produce open flames, nor will it emit toxic and harmful waste gas. Therefore, the use of air energy heat pumps is not only environmentally friendly and clean, but also eliminates the possibility of fire, explosion, poisoning, and other dangerous accidents. Improves the owner’s sense of security.

Small and medium-sized coal-fired boilers are actual as of the actual situation of heating and to reduce environmental pressure, so that small and medium-sized boilers will make energy-saving and environmental protection transformation to save energy consumption, reduce environmental pressure, ensure economic security, and achieve comprehensive construction of well-off society goals and sustainable development.

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