Powerful Production Capacity

Power World has strong technical and R&D strength, a complete heat pump industry chain, an industrial park of 30,000 square meters, 8 flexible production lines, many senior engineers and more than 600 experienced production workers, 4 independent product verifications Laboratory, with an annual output of more than 100,000 sets of heat pump units, is one of the largest air source heat pump manufacturer in China.

An overview of production procedures

Power World production line is designed and constructed in strict accordance with the ISO9001/ISO14001/OHSAS18001 system requirements and is equipped with a full range of sophisticated equipment. It covers fully automatic fluorine injection machines, automatic leak detection equipment, and various high-performance test equipment, and fully guarantees production capacity and product quality.


Quality Control Details

Power World has comprehensive working condition laboratories for air source heat pumps and water source heat pumps from 35°C to 99°C, a comprehensive working condition laboratory for air source products, and the comprehensive laboratory has obtained EU TUV certification and complies with EU EN14511 standard and laboratory performance experiments meet national GMPI standards. Scale, technology, and quantity are ahead of the industry.

72 German technological processes

  • Adopt high silver content welding rod to ensure the quality of copper pipe welding;
  • Using the immersion welding process to ensure that the original quality of the board is not damaged.
Adopt high silver content welding rod to ensure the quality of copper pipe welding2
Adopt high silver content welding rod to ensure the quality of copper pipe welding1
Adopt high silver content welding rod to ensure the quality of copper pipe welding3
On-the-line testing-100% testing on each unit

On-the-line units testing

100% testing on each unit

  • Voltage inspection
  • Electricity leakage inspection
  • Insulation resistance checking
  • Grounding resistance checking
  • Gas leakage inspection
Products Testing by 4 labs

Products Testing by 4 labs

100% testing on each product

High-precision quality inspection and multiple test stations High-precision detection of temperature, water flow, current, power, COP, and heating capacity to ensure product zero defect.


The Core Supply Chain

Power World insists on selecting products from world-class brand suppliers and presenting them to customers with the best quality.


International Certifications

Power World’s top priority is to ensure the reliability and quality of its products and to meet the technical & professional certifications of overseas markets. As an international brand, Power World holds several international certifications, including CE, CB, TUV, ERP, MCS, IEC, ROHS, SAA, and so on.(Get more certification, please contact us


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