Power World’s products are not only popular in China, but also in more than 100 countries.

Our Heat Pump For Pool, Heat Pump For House, Heat Pump Water Heater, Commercial Heat Pump have been covering markets around the world reach to More than 60%. In 2021, export sales have exceeded 16 million US dollars, of which the European market accounts for 50% and OEM customers account for more than 90%, the average annual sales growth rate is around 30%, and the sales growth rate in 2021 is as high as 50%.

Power world air source heat pumps adopt multi-stage precise control technology, which has the characteristics of precise temperature control, fast startup/response, and high energy efficiency. At the same time, Power World’s dedicated full DC INVERTER technology and frequency conversion fan motor are used, the heat pump can automatically adjust the operating frequency between 30Hz and 90Hz according to the actual ambient temperature and user needs, which avoids the frequent startup of the system and improves the compressor work. Compared with ordinary air source heat pumps, the energy-saving is increased by 75%, and the heating capacity in bad weather is increased by 20%, providing users with more power-saving and quieter energy solutions

When the ambient temperature is low and the humidity is high, the unit is prone to frost. POWER WORLD heat pump can accurately determine the defrosting timing according to the main parameters and load changes of heating operation, so as to achieve intelligent defrosting with frost, frost-free heating, and can perform forced manual defrosting according to the actual situation.

Using the new environmentally friendly refrigerant R32/R410A, the heating efficiency is higher. In addition, R32/R410A environmentally friendly refrigerant does not contain elements that destroy the ozone layer, and the ODP of the ozone layer destruction coefficient is zero. When under the same capacity as the compressor, the heating capacity of the R32 system could be increased by around 12%, and the COP will be higher by around 5%.

When the ambient temperature is lower than -5℃ in winter, the ordinary heat pump unit cannot operate normally or needs to turn on the high-consumption electric auxiliary heat when the heating capacity is insufficient. The Copeland Scroll EVI scroll strong heat technology can solve these technical issues well.

The heat pump of POWER WORLD adopts the twin-rotor Panasonic compressor with full DC inverter EVI technology to ensure the unit runs stably at ambient temperature from -25°C to 43°C based on different requirements of heating/cooling, DHW, and working voltage range from 170V-254V(1ph) and 320V-460V(3ph).

Compared with traditional heat pumps, Powerworld’s EVI Inverter technology can help reduce the system heating operating cost by more than 70%, and the heating capacity can be increased by up to 45%. It can perfectly replace traditional heating methods such as boilers, and gas heaters to reduce air pollution, the generation of smog, and carbon dioxide emissions, is the best choice for high-efficiency energy-saving, and environmentally friendly products, bringing a comfortable, safe, and environmentally friendly experience to users.

Using precision spraying process, frosted metal shell, ABS plastic material, with anti-rust, pressure resistance and ultra-high corrosion resistance

The product adopts a screwless design as a whole. The color of the unit is uniform, which means a minimalist design style. Regarding the color of the unit, it also provides customers with several colors of anti-corrosion spraying materials to choose from.

The Wi-Fi function is built into the control panel, download the Smart APP, which can be controlled remotely and wirelessly via free Wifi, enjoy your smart life anytime and anywhere.

When you want to adjust the temperature of the heat pump from a certain distance, as long as you configure the network for the unit when you use it for the first time, just click on the APP on your phone, and then you can control it from anywhere on the earth, but you need to make sure that your phone is connected to the Internet, and then you can change the temperature or other settings as needed.

Nitrogen-welding technology purifies the refrigerant pipe system to avoid inner residue damage to the compressor; with extra superior welding flux, it makes welding junction steadier, reduces oxidation of copper pipe, and prevents gas leakage.

Air source heat pump is a process of absorbing heat in the air and producing heat through compressor compression, which saves energy by about 4 times compared to traditional electricity; while an electric boiler is a device that directly produces heat, without any conversion in the middle. Therefore, only 90% of the heat can be generated, and the energy-saving air source heat pump is more energy-efficient than electric boilers.

The air source heat pump can drive the machine with 1 kilowatt of electricity and then absorb 3 parts of heat from the air, and finally convert the heat output to 4 kilowatts, which can be used all year round and is less affected by the weather. Inaddition,Power world’s compressors can be started in stages. The system can automatically determine the output power consumption according to the ambient temperature, the required temperature, or the user’s set the value to achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption by supplying heat on demand.

The boiler can only use 1 kW of electricity and achieve an output of 0.95 kW or less.

Are you worried about the safety of air source heat pump water heaters?

The air source heat pump water heater uses the “reverse Carnot cycle” principle to heat, first absorbs the free heat in the air into the unit through the pipeline, compresses it into high-temperature heat energy through the compressor, and finally puts the heat into the cold water to warm up the water.

The role of electricity in the whole process of heating the air source heat pump water heater is to drive the compressor. The separation of water and electricity is its safety guarantee. Because there are no electrical components in the water tank, its heating is carried out by heat and heat conversion, and there is no direct conversion of electricity and heat like electric water heaters (there is a high probability of leakage danger), so there is no need to worry about leakage accidents.

At the same time, the air source heat pump water heater does not use gas for heating, there will be no open flame, and there is no emission. In addition, the air source heat pump water heater can be installed indoors, so there is no need to worry about fire, explosion, and poisoning similar to gas water heaters. As well as safety accidents such as lightning strikes, high-altitude falls, and injuries similar to solar water heaters.

The technical content of air source heat pump water heaters is very high, and the production process is more complicated than traditional water heaters. Therefore, the quality of air source heat pump water heaters themselves will also affect the safety of air source heat pump water heaters. Power world has been engaged in the research, development, production, and sales of this product for more than 10 years, we can provide you with safe products.

The Power World heat pump has been designed with multiple noise reduction, giving users an ultra-quiet experience, and no need to worry about too much noise when the machine is running.

1.The new structure and pipeline optimization design can effectively avoid the vibration of the internal pipeline;
2.Special heat pump compressor is adopted, and the outer fully sealed sound-absorbing cover is protected;
3.The structure and parts of the main engine are processed by the sound-absorbing process;
4.Low noise and anti-vibration axial fan blade design;
5.The unique design of the re-test shock-absorbing disc has a better shock-absorbing and noise-reducing effect.

When the set temperature is reached, the compressor and fan will operate at a low temperature for most of the working time. At the same time, the DC inverter compressor has been improved in terms of lubrication, vibration, compression buffering, etc., and the electromagnetic noise has been effectively suppressed or removed.