What size pool can our swimming pool heat pump be used for?

We have developed swimming pool heat pumps of different specifications according to the different needs of the market, with heating capacity ranging from 2.8KW to 145KW, suitable for swimming pools from 5m³ to 500m³, such as wooden pools, steel pools, Jacuzzi, above-ground pools, inground pools, family pool, competition pool, Water Park, etc.

Heat Pump For Pool
Full Inverter EVI Heat Pumps

What is heating cooling and hot water heat pump?

Power World’s EVI Full DC Inverter Heat Pump creatively combining environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant, with extremely cost-effective EVI full frequency conversion technology, especially with the A +++ ERP energy label, which can be used in areas with extremely low climate temperatures as low as -25°C. It also has a free WiFi function and a clear smartphone APP that can be operated, indicating that it can be easily and intelligently controlled anytime and anywhere.

What are the important parts for our hot water heat pump?

Our air source hot water heat pumps adopt Panasonic rotary compressor, high efficient tube in the shell heat exchanger, Intelligent EEV, R410a refrigerant, LCD control panel, high qualified 4-way valve parts, coated metal casing, and the water pump built-into indoor unit design, ensure the max. water outlet temperature up to 60℃, specially designs for residential/apartment sanitary hot water or small size house central heating.

Heat Pump Water Heater
Commercial Heat Pump

What are Power World’s commercial heat pumps?

Power World’s commercial heat pumps include swimming pool heat pumps, house heating and cooling and hot water heat pumps, as well as 80℃ high temperature hot water for industrial/agricultural use, which can meet the heating and cooling needs of various large commercial places.