Six core ideas:

Thanksgiving culture
Honor culture
Team culture
KPI culture
study culture
struggle culture

Taking the industry to serve the country as our own responsibility
Strive to bring the POWER WORLD brand to the world!

To create a world-class brand enterprise.

Self-improvement, hard work, and enterprising.

Do our best to do everything today, pioneer and innovator, and keep pace with the times.


It creates our past, creates our present, and leads our future, it embodies our competitive advantage and helps us maintain rapid growth even in a very mature business environment; goodwill is our most valuable asset. We always insist on delivering the highest quality products and services to meet and exceed customer expectations; pragmatically, we will wholeheartedly devote ourselves to seeking the best solutions we can provide; just as we go all out to achieve our goals; we will also go all out for the expectations of our own employees and to increase the business value of our customers; we believe that there is always room for improvement in any job, and this spirit of innovation is an important part of the character of our POWER WORLD and an important part of our business operations; it is also our The driving force of rapid development, innovation is the driving force of us.

To be the world’s leading air source heat pump R&D expert, to become the leader of the air source heat pump industry.

Description of future prospects:

Power World will be full of passion, work hard, constantly surpass itself, continue to innovate and make products and services perfect. We will listen to different opinions with a broad mind. In the aspects of management, service, etc., we have made new innovations, and we pursue excellence and perfection in everything. And to have its own core technology, high-tech, and innovative spirit as the eternal pursuit.

Our air source products will be deployed to every corner of the world, bringing safety to the world and adding green to the earth. Compared with European and American products and keeping pace with Japanese and Korean products, it completely changes the low-end image of Chinese products and is praised and respected by people around the world. World-renowned companies will be our partners, and companies around the world are proud to be partners, customers, and suppliers of Power World.

We will become a company that many outstanding talents want to join, and our employees will be better developed. We will be a fighting and cohesive team with a strong sense of thanksgiving and social responsibility, helping disadvantaged groups, creating guide a green and harmonious life.