Would you like to spend less money to extend your pool time?

The air source heat pump only needs to use 1 part of electricity power to drive the compressor, and then absorb 3parts of free energy from the air. After the circulation of the heat pump system, it can finally convert 4 parts of energy output for the needs of heating or cooling. And its working ambient temps range is from -7℃ to 43℃, which can heat/cold the pool water temperatures to the range of 9℃~43℃, the operating cost is 1/4 of the electric boiler, 1/3 of the oil-fired boiler, and 1/2 of the gas boiler, which is more energy-saving than the solar water heating system. Also, If the users have a solar system, our heat pump can be connected to it, it will be an awesome energy solution!

Heat Pump For Pool
Full Inverter EVI Heat Pumps

Are you still worried about the price of gas rising or the electricity bill?

Power World’s house heating cooling and hot water heat pumps, users just need to install one unit and they can enjoy heating/cooling and hot water functions(you can select the functions you need), no need to install hot water heating equipment or air conditioning equipment, using less money to enjoy a comfortable life. And the operating cost is 1/4 of the electric boiler, 1/3 of the oil-fired boiler, and 1/2 of the gas boiler. If you want to know more energy solutions.

Are you looking for safe, high-quality, and energy-efficient hot water heat pumps?

Power World’s air source hot water heat pumps and water heaters will be your best choice. we are a TOP 3 air source heat pumps manufacturer and supplier in China, we can provide you with 3.5KW to 172KW hot water heat pumps for domestic and commercial use, also have 80℃ high-temperature hot water heat pumps for industrial /agriculture use, we will give you complete and competitively priced energy solutions.

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Commercial Heat Pump

Do you want to find a commercial heat pump with good performance?

Power World offers high-quality commercial heat pumps at affordable prices, the energy saving up to 75%. For example, our commercial swimming pool heat pump has a COP of up to 6.2, which can run stably at -7°C, and is suitable for competition swimming pools above 300m³; commercial heating cooling and hot water heat pumps have a COP of up to 4.9, which can stably output 60 at -30°C, ensuring user’s annual heating, cooling and hot water needs. In long-term operation, the overall investment of Power World’s commercial heat pump is less than that of traditional heating equipment.