Why Choose A Pool Heat Pump From Power World?

The main components of the Power World air source swimming pool heat pump are from internationally famous brand companies.For example, our swimming pool heat pump compressor, we use Gree Landa and Panasonic dedicated swimming pool compressor. And under the full DC inverter technology of Power World, our unit can be operated efficiently and stably under the working condition as low as -7℃, so that users can enjoy the swimming pool time all year round.

Heat Pump For Pool
Full Inverter EVI Heat Pumps

What Are The Advanced Functions Of Our Heating Cooling Heat Pump?

A. Single space heating,

B. Single space cooling

C. Single domestic hot water

D. Space heating+DHW(hot water priority)

E. Space cooling+DHW(hot water priority)

What’s Advantage Of Power World’s Water Heater?

Power World air source heat pumps are the ideal choice for low-priced domestic water heaters and reliable residential/apartment sanitary/commercial hot water sanitary hot water products. They can greatly reduce energy costs and benefit the environment. They are commonly used in hospitals, hotels, apartments, school dormitories, gymnasiums, etc. where the ambient temperature is between -10°C and 45°C.Compared with ordinary air source heat pumps, this unit has a built-in circulating pump, which is easy to install and reduce costs.

Heat Pump Water Heater
Commercial Heat Pump

What Is Advantage Of Power World’s Commercial Heat Pumps?

Power World’s commercial heat pump adopts Panasonic rotary compressor, high-efficiency shell-and-tube heat exchanger, smart EEV, R410a refrigerant, LCD control panel, high-quality four-way valve components, coated metal casing, water pump built into the unit, easy installation, cheap price. With Power World’s leading EVI technology, the unit can guarantee a maximum outlet water temperature of up to 60°C in an extremely cold environment of -30°C, ensuring that it can meet the needs of users for heating, cooling and domestic hot water.